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We will soon have ALL our safety graphics on our webpage for your viewing.

  • 30+ categories of safety images
  • Vector (.wmf) and Bitmap (.gif) both provided
  • Color and black/white images
  • 2D and 3D images
  • Ethnic diversity of images
  • Gender diverstiy of images
  • Safety Animations (great for PowerPoint)
  • Safety Sign Maker
  • Safety Tag Maker
  • Full color directory printout of all categories/images

Call Dan Yates, PE CSP at cell 512-563-2253 to order.

Credit cards and purchase orders accepted.

$10 shipping/handling for each US order.

                   Limited time offer.

Email questions to : danyates11@austin.rr.com

Safety Services of Texas   PO Box 160932   Austin, TX 78716  (512) 282-8682 or cell (512) 563-2253

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